Autism Awareness —The Journey

It started on a whim, others were posting pictures or facts each day about their children with autism spectrum disorder.  I decided to do a post a day about our journey with ring 22 syndrome and autism.  What was intended to bring awareness to others, indirectly brought a new awareness to me.  An awareness about how far we had come, an awareness about hope, an awareness about how strong of a family we are.  It was a release, it was cathartic; “spilling my guts” on Facebook felt good and I did not want to stop.  Thus, the birth of this blog.  Welcome to Monkey Business 🙂  This will be a place to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly about raising a child with significant special needs. The hope is that it brings awareness and inspiration to others and the benefit is that it brings hope and inspiration to me as we continue down this path.   


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