Thirty Days-Day 2

Our first inkling that something was amiss was when Zach was about 9 months old.  I took Zach in for his 9 month appointment and just mentioned casually that I thought he was a little behind in regards to doing things as well as Emily did at that age.  The doctor checked him out and thought his muscle tone might be a little low (what we know now as hypotonia) she also expressed a concern with the number of upper respiratory issues he had been having.  I left what I thought was going to be a typical visit and check-up with a referral to see a neurologist and to get a cystic fibrosis test.  I remember the panicked call to Mike and trying to talk thru the tears to tell him what we had to do.   Always my voice of reason, he told me to calm down and that everything would be OK.


The sweat cystic fibrosis test and the neurologist visit were scheduled for the same day.  We went for the CF sweat test first and were told they would call for the results a few hours later. 


The neurologist visit was at Henry Ford in Detroit.  The doctor was older and did not have a remarkable bedside manner.  He looked Zach over and basically told us that Zach had some mild developmental delays.  He was not overly concerned and said that he would like to see us six months later . 


On the drive home, we got the call that the sweat test was fine, and we drove home that day happy as clams thanking our lucky stars that nothing was wrong with our baby boy!    We were under the impression that the mild delays would work themselves out and that this would be just a small “bump” in the road of his development and of our lives.  It would be two more years until we had some definitive answers.


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