Thirty Days-Day 3

As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 2020”


There were signs that more was going on than we were aware of.   Now that I have my degree in special education, work in the field, and now that we have lived this for almost 18 years, it is amazing that at the time, I just did not see it.   Maybe we were in denial, holding on to hope, or maybe we were looking through rose-colored glasses.


Zach never really played with toys appropriately.  When he was under a year, he liked to put things between his legs and jumble them around. He liked to spin wheels on cars; he liked to watch things with flashing lights and movement.  He also liked things with noises.   Cause and effect toys always have been and still are some of his favorite things.


Then there was the obsessive interest in some toys.  The vacuum, and bubble mower are great examples.  He would play with them for HOURS; we would have to hide them from him.  This is what we now know as perseveration.


He has always liked books. Zach would rip all the pictures of “mailbox” from his Blues Clue’s books and hold them very close to his eyes. Now we know this was a form of visual stimming. 

Zach still has a difficult time entertaining himself.  He has a very small repertoire of things that he enjoys doing.  Nowadays he perseverates on the computer, television and going in the car.   


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