Thirty Days-Day 7

In addition to his diagnosis of Ring 22 Syndrome and Autism (or as a result of these) Zach also has a diagnosis of ADHD. Zach’s energy level puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. It is NEVER ending. Zach is on from the moment he gets up until the moment we are able to get him to sleep.

In the early days we tried library lap sit programs and other mom and tot programs to no avail. I ended up sweaty and frustrated and Zach ended up in a tantrum because he was not interested in sitting. Even at our Early On Groups, Zach was the student running around the room looking at a toy for two seconds then dumping it on the ground. One of his Early On workers likened him to a “fruit fly.” She did not mean any harm, she just meant that he did not lite in one spot for very long.

At that time there was not a ton of information on sensory integration activities. As Zach continued in school we attempted the brushing program, weighted vests, trampolines, swings and pretty much everything to help calm him. Sometimes the techniques worked/work and other times the activities heightened/heighten his activity level. Zach’s energy level has not waned and is variable by the day. He is getting older and bigger and harder to manage and we are getting older and have a harder time managing the energy level. We are thankful that we have some great help to provide respite for us and Zach appreciates the young people that are able to keep up with him ☺.

The pictures attached today are a great example of how Zach never liked to stay in one spot. The first few show how Emily learned at a very early age to hold out that arm or to “man-handle” him into sitting. The last picture is hilarious now but so traumatic at the time…we were getting Christmas pictures at one of the photography studios that shall remain nameless ☺ The photographer had stepped forward to adjust something and I had stepped out of her way….before I could get closer to the table, Zach was up and off the table head first. She happened to be clicking the picture at that exact moment. The result is what you see…Emily posing perfectly and two little shoes up in the air. There is a sticker on the back that says not for reproduction. Funny now but not then!


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