And the Award Goes To……..

I am humbled and honored to be nominated for an “Inspirational Blogger Award” from my dear friend at Just a minutemy cape is in the dryer.  To be nominated by someone you yourself consider to be so inspirational, motivational and an overall badass mother, friend and human being is far better than any golden trophy I could receive.

I accept this award on behalf of all the bloggers who took a chance and decided to tell their stories.  I never would have thought that when I began to dabble with telling our story on my personal facebook page for Autism Awareness Month almost two years ago that I would now be writing and telling my story on it’s own page and blog site.

My facebook page is relatively small considering that other autism bloggers have several thousand followers and my blog site here on wordpress is definitely a work in progress.  But I did not start the page or blog with any expectations, I started it because when I shared my stories on my personal page folks asked for more, and I realized that the more I wrote the better I felt.  It was a cathartic release of so many feelings that I had been holding back for so many years.  When people responded to my writing with “I know exactly how you feel”, or “Thank you for keeping it real!”  “Thank you for making me LOL!” or “Wow I cried at that because it was so touching.” it felt amazing.  To think that I touched one person with a funny anecdote or that one person shed a tear because they could relate to what I was saying was such an amazing gift.  In the process I also realized that there was an entire world of bloggers..first I connected to folks like myself; parents of children with autism or other differing abilities, folks from all walks of life that were going through some of the same things I was going through….the good, the beautiful, the bad, the ugly and the monkey business.  Now I have begun to  connect with writers….not just folks who write about having children with differing abilities, but of life events, tragedies and triumphs, sexy sassy writers, and some of the most hilarious comedic writers yet to be discovered. I am in the midst of  folks who have been published on all kinds of sites, in all kinds of magazines and some who have written or been featured in books.  NOW THAT IS INSPIRATIONAL.  That is what makes me want to continue to write and to make more time for my writing.

I write for others but I mostly write for myself.  I see so many  young families starting out on their autism journeys with their children and now that my son is a young adult I find myself looking back at our roller coaster ride and coming to the realization that everything truly happens for a reason.  Although I despise what autism and ring 22 syndrome has robbed from my son and my family I can’t deny the blessings and gifts it has brought our way.  I would not be the person, wife, mother, teacher or writer I am today if I had never been on this journey.  Not gonna lie I probably would never choose this path if the fork in the road took us to Italy rather than Holland (refer to if you don’t know what I am talking about 🙂 but I will continue to tip-toe thorough the tulips and see what adventures are yet to come my way.

As we face some of the toughest decisions yet in regards to our son and what happens next for adult life I hope I can continue to inspire others, to touch others through tears and giggles and that I can somehow forge a path so that others can find peace and joy and know that even though it isn’t always Unicorns and Rainbows it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom either.

Thanks again for being here and letting me enjoy this new-found creative outlet.  And most of all thanks for caring about Zach and the rest of the family!!!!



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