To My Husband on His Birthday

Today you are 50!  Unlike me, you face 50 with grace and confidence. No tears for you at this geriatric milestone.

Do you realize we have basically grown up together? Destiny definitely had a hand in our relationship!  When my brother and I moved in with our grandparents at the ripe old ages of 8 and 9 you and your sisters were our first friends in the neighborhood.  Of course I did not think much about you at that stage of the game, I mean you had cooties back then!

Fast forward to our teen years and suddenly you were pretty cute. We have been together ever since.  Life sure was easy then…..hanging out with friends, going to high school dances and walking around the block to see each other several times a week.

After high school we went our separate ways to college.  No one thought we would make it, surely we would both meet other people and the “puppy love” of high school would be forgotten. We proved them wrong, after college came marriage and then five years later came the “baby in the baby carriage,”

We were young and in love and we were invincible!

Two years later came our beautiful boy, we were the perfect little family living in suburbia!  As it became apparent that our little guy was going to face some difficulties in life, our “perfect little world” started to unravel. Many men would have headed for the hills!  And even though there have been days that we hang by a thread, through it all you face it it with courage, confidence, and determination.

I am sure on more than one occasion, folks have doubted that our marriage could withstand having a child with such significant needs. Hell, who are we kidding, we have questioned it ourselves! But here we are thirty five years later with twenty seven years of marriage under our belt and two beautiful children. It isn’t always pretty, but we continue to face tough times together.

We are OLDER and in love and INVINCIBLE!

Our children are so fortunate to have such an amazing and dedicated father.  I watch in awe of your gentle, patient nature and am so thankful and appreciative that you have always put family first.  I  can only wish that one day Emily  will meet a man as smart and kind, and down to earth as you.  My hope is that some day our grandchildren will have the type of father that she had growing up.

Today we celebrate you and all you have done for our family!  Happy Happy 50th XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO



13 thoughts on “To My Husband on His Birthday

  1. mike so glad your 50th doesn’t bother you it’s only a number. Michelle your post was so touching brought tears to me eyes. Happy birthday MIke. Trying to plan a fall get together to listen to Barry Clevenger and have dinner and drinks would u guys be interested?

  2. So beautiful! I cherish both of you as life-long friends. So proud of the way you have faced the challenges that you’ve encountered and still find time for love and each other. Jeff and I are both looking forward to “growing old” with you both and spending our retirement years together. We will live closer soon and will be able to see you often, hope you’re ready!! 😉 Love you both ❤️❤️

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