A Letter to my BFF on her Birthday!

Dear Jewelry,

Over forty years ago I started fourth grade at a new school.  My twelfth school to be exact.  I had moved in with my grandparents after a very tumultuous few years of being bounced back and forth between my parents. I did not know a soul, I had a lot of baggage and was living in survival mode.

My fifty year old mind does not allow me to remember every detail of our meeting, but bits and pieces of talking with you in Mrs. Collette’s coat area about a boy seems to ring a bell.  I could write a novel about our adventures but suffice it to say we have run the gamute of emotions over a lifetime.  From dances, to break-ups, sleep-overs to seances, weddings to babies, we have done it all.

We truly have grown up together but have never grown apart.  I can go months without seeing you but as soon as we are together again we don’t skip a beat.  Our friendship is something I value more than you can ever know.

Sometimes I feel selfish.  You have been there with a listening ear and shoulder throughout our friendship and although I know you have to cringe from time to time when you see my number pop up on your phone, you never hesitate to answer and chat. You can read me like a book and always make a point to contact me in some way when you know I am struggling.

We have been busy raising our families but now that we will be empty nesters I look forward to spending lots of time together in our “Golden Years”  Let’s hope teens aren’t saying “You got an eye problem old lady” when they talk to us 😉

Just wanted you to know that you are loved and appreciated on your birthday and every day!




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