We got the Beat

Last weekend I took a road trip with three other women to meet a friend about four hours away.  We all grew up in a small town together and have known each other for over 40 years.

In 1982 we graduated high school; all seventy seven of us.  Growing up in such a tight knit community and in such a small school meant that we not only knew our classmates but most of the students a year or two above or below us.

Thirty four years ago we went in separate directions, to face the world and begin brand new adventures.  In all the years that have passed there have been marriages, children, careers, accomplishments and trials and tribulations.

I will admit, I was unsure how the weekend would go.  After all these years would it be awkward and uncomfortable?  We kept in touch through social media and knew of each others lives and families through what was posted on the internet.  Years ago we were thick as thieves and spent endless hours together but other than a couple of reunions we had not really spent any time all together in a group.

The trip was reminiscent of a late 80’s early 90’s movie ; The Big Chill, St. Elmo’s Fire come to mind.  A group of high school friends coming together, talking about old times, being called by my high school nickname, catching up on all the “gossip,”  cackling about Urban Dictionary definitions and listening to old albums while singing Air Supply at the top of our lungs. We quickly eased into those same roles as if it were a Saturday night slumber party from over thirty years ago.

Of course we weren’t the same, we were grown women in our 50’s with grown children (some of us with grandchildren).  We talked of weddings, and future plans, group homes and cancer battles, favorite recipes, kitchen remodels and decorating ideas.  No we weren’t those same Go Go’s loving, naive kids, we were much more…..we were amazing badass women who had done and continue to do some pretty amazing things.

The weekend came and went quickly and we went back to our lives. Back to work, and the daily grind, back to grand babies and the ones we love, back to facing challenges and back to being the badass women we are.

I am so grateful for that weekend and for all the badass women in my life!





The “Junk Drawer” Brought Me To Tears

We all have them, the drawers we fill with miscellaneous crap.  At our house they are called “Junk Drawers” Most organized  kitchens have one junk drawer, at my house there are several.

We are getting ready to start our kitchen remodel so we have taken on the daunting task of cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  I have found 500 kabob skewers, 6 jars of cumin and enough cinnamon to last me a lifetime.

You never realize how many memories a kitchen holds.  It truly is the heart of the home.  Tonight as I tackled one of the island junk drawers, (Emily’s drawer) before I knew it I was a puddle on the floor. I never expected that in that little drawer I would find little reminders of the last eighteen years.

Art pencils, craft supplies, and drawings bring back vivid memories of her at the kitchen table sketching or crafting a project for school.

There were packs of her favorite Tick and Dora pencils (she asked for those for Christmas in first grade the real name is Ticonderoga).

Sheet music, music staff stickers and hand warmers from her days in band.

My Pretty Pony coloring books, waterpark wristbands, key chains from family vacations, a letter to us about putting in a pool, a school ID from Junior High, a funny photo book she and a friend made, a nose pencil sharpener and so much more.

Eighteen years of memories in that one little drawer.  Time flies my friends,  time flies.