Twenty One

Twenty one:

The title of Adele’s second album in 2011

The number of gun salutes honoring a veteran, royalty or leader of a country

The age at which someone can legally purchase and drink alcohol in the U.S.

The key value and highest-winning point total of the popular casino game Blackjack

The atomic number of scandium

The number of years that my boy has been on this planet

Happy Birthday Zachary!

At 18 you were considered an adult but 21 makes real.  You are officially a man.

Born 3 minutes after arriving at the hospital and while your father parked the car, you entered the world at lightening speed and have been keeping us on our toes ever since.

Your unadulterated joy, innocence and zest for life have been such a blessing to us.  You remind us every day of how we should live life to the fullest and appreciate all of the gifts we have been given.

Today there will be no dark clouds, no sadness, no wallowing in the what if’s or why’s. It will be a day about birthdays and all the things that you enjoy; Friends, family, food and fun!


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